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Employee performance management

Intended for

This seminar is designed for human resource professionals and all levels of management.


Train human resources managers and professionals to introduce and implement a system for employee performance management.


  • Introduction to the seminar
  • Opening
  • Administrative details
  • Introducing ZIH and the lecturer
  • Purpose of the seminar
  • Introduction to performance management
  • Effects of performance management
  • Principles of performance management system
  • What does a performance management system do?
  • Clear and justified review
  • Planning - overview
  • Development of a performance management system
  • Circle of performance success management and its phases 
  • About the plans 
  • Planning phases
  • Aligning goals from top to bottom 
  • About the objectives 
  • SMART - planning goals 
  • The conflict of personal and business goals 
  • Metrics for measuring work performance 
  • Aligning goals and rewards 
  • About the team 
  • Supervision and counseling 
  • Supervision and counseling phases
  • Motivation 
  • Coaching 
  • Feedback
  • 1:1 versus 360 º feedback 
  • Evaluation phase
  • Participants of the performance management system and their roles 
  • Employee development 
  • Self-assessment questionnaire - coaching 
  • General tactics for employee development 
  • Three elements that support employee development 
  • Management of poor success 
  • Management of "C Performers" 
  • Planning - technology 
  • Necessary elements of goals 
  • Common mistakes in planning goals 
  • Examples 
  • Theory to practice 
  • Barriers 
  • Impact on the awareness of employees 
  • Misunderstanding
  • Motivating factors 
  • Recommended principles of performance management 
  • Link between the performance management system and other HR systems and processes 
  • The effects of performance management 
  • Distribution of roles 
  • 10 Critical Success Factors 
  • Self-evaluation
  • Feedback" 
  • What is that? 
  • providing Feedback 
  • Receiving Feedback

Work methods

  • The seminar lasts 2 days 
  • Theoretical and practical work with exercises


All participants receive a participation certificate.

Lecturer Silvana Tomić Rotim, Lead Auditor, CISA


2.950,00 kn + VAT

The price includes: a collection of slides and work materials for the lessons and exercises, a participation certificate, lunch and refreshments during breaks.


ZIH d.o.o., tel: 01/4855-271 , 4855-273; fax: 01/4855-272; e-mail:


By sending a filled out application form.

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