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IT consulting


IT application consolidation

Evaluation of current IT

Analysis of development options and development of a consolidation program of various IT technologies

Professional supervision of IT projects

The development of corporate IT, the application of CobIT and ISO 38500

Measuring the current level of IT function according to the CobIT requirements

Forming the IT business processes according to the CobIT requirements - structuring, documenting, determining responsibilities and metrics

Forming the corporate ICT function

Applying CobIT in the IT audit function

Applying CobIT in the development of maturity of IT function

Implementation of ISO 38500

Education in this field

IT Service Management - ITSM and ISO 20000

Measuring the current level of ITSM

Implementing ITIL (Processes: IT strategy, IT design, IT transition, IT operations and the continuous improvement of IT services)

Application of ISO 20000 in design (and certification) of ITSM system

Education in this field

IT support continuity management and ISO 27031

Assessment of existing capability of ICT for BCM support

Preparation of the BCM project

BIA analysis and risk assessment in IT support

Determination of continuity strategy of IT support

Making IT support plans

Implementation of IT support continuity plans. Audit of IT support for business continuity

Human resources management and personal performance measurement in the IT

Making plans for the competencies development of IT employees

The application of reference models for the personal competencies development of IT employees

Setting personal goals and evaluating IT staff performance

Rewarding IT staff in accordance with the personal results

Education in this field

The IT quality and application of standards for program equipment (SW)

Measuring the existing level of ICT function quality

The application of standards and methods of quality in the ICT function (ISO 9001, Six Sigma, etc.)

The quality of the life cycle of SW (ISO 12207)

Software quality planning (ISO 9126)

The quality of the process of validation, verification and testing of software (ISO 14598)

Establishment of comprehensive system of SW quality (ISO 25000)