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Why and how to manage the compliances in the business system


Learning objectives

To gain better knowledge about the need and manner of establishing a consistent and transparent Compliance Management System (CMS) in the business systems, the consequences of insufficient compliance with the requirements in this area, its effects and trends. Based on the analysis of cases and best practices in this area, the method of assessing the current situation, developing a program for its establishment and implementation as well as improving such a system is presented.


The seminar is intended for people interested to improve existing knowledge regarding compliance, regardless of the size and activity of business systems. These are primarily people from the economy and the public sector, representatives of business areas: especially risk management, compliance management, legal and financial affairs, human resource management, information security, IT, quality management, and people who want to specialize in this area.


  • Key terminology
  • External and internal reasons for establishing a CMS
  • Analysis of reference examples from practice
  • Objectives, benefits and possible variants of establishing a CMS
  • ISO 37301 standard
  • Stages of CMS development and implementation: assessment of the current state of the compliance area (Gap analysis), non-compliance risk assessments, organization design and definition of compliance responsibilities
  • Compliance policy formulation, determination and development of compliance controls, development and implementation of compliance procedures, CMS audit procedure, KPIs and measurement of CMS performance
  • Education for CMS
  • Possible CMS certification

Duration and method of the work

The seminar last 1 day. It consists of theoretical and practical work. It is performed either in the classroom or in e-learning form. It is possible to organize the seminar for several people at the user`s location.

Proof of attendance

All participants will receive a ZIH certificate of participation in this seminar.


PhD Silvana Tomić Rotim, Nataša Zobec, B.Sc. inf.

Price: 1,250 kn + VAT

Price includes:

  • Classroom seminar

Collection of slides and working materials for lectures and exercises, certificate of participation in the seminar, refreshments during the seminar


  • E-learning seminar
Access right to the ZIH e-learning platform


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