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Software testing

The seminar represents a good insight into the development of competencies for software testing. It starts from the need to perform this important function and how it is accomplished. Relationship between the life cycle of software and associated test methods, access to the testing process elaboration, the process of creating a test plan and define the level of testing and their methods, is explained. It gives an insight into testing norms and the most common practice. Most common tools that are used for the automatic testing of software are shown. It provides an overview of current practices and expected changes in this field.

Intended for

  • Testers
  • Testing managers
  • Request engineers
  • Software arhitects
  • ICT project managers
  • ICT specialists that want and should implement testing in their line of work


Software quality is ensured by a variety of methods, techniques and tools, and success of the entire IT project often depends on it. Testing software is a key activity of the software development life cycle that reduces risk and increases its quality and customer satisfaction. The purpose of testing is to detect errors at the earliest possible stage of the life cycle and prevent the propagation of errors in the later stages of software development. Selection of the successful application of appropriate methods, techniques and tools for testing in the development of software requires qualified professionals. According to data from ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) in the world, there are over 180,000 certified testers in more than 70 countries (as of March 2011). In Croatia, we`re at the beginning of the creation of competent professionals in this area.


Introduction to software testing.

Testing in the software life cycle:

  • software development models
  • testing levels
  • test types

Static test:

  • Overviews
  • Code inspections
  • Static analysis of code

Dynamic test and procedures for shaping test cases.

Testing management process:

  • Activities
  • Testing organization
  • Relevant norms for testing
  • Education for testers and test managers, ISTQB certification

Testing automatization and testing tools

Testing practice

Development of competencies for software testing

Seminar topics can be specially customized to customer requirements with proper announcement 3-4 weeks in advance

Work methods

  • The seminar lasts 3 days
  • Theoretical work and practical work with exerciese


2.950,00 Kn + VAT


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