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Data Management & Governance System Development

Intended for

Business and IT professionals of all levels, architects of business and information systems, experts in data quality, information architecture, information security and compliance, data science experts, etc.


  • Drivers of Data Management & Governance System (DM&G)
  • Frameworks for establishment of DM&G
  • Determining the policy and goals of the DM&G system
  • Determining the organization and responsibilities for the DM&G system
  • Key areas of DM&G (Data Architecture Management - DAM, Data Modeling Management - DMD, Information Integration and Interoperability Management - DII, Content Management - DCM, Information Security Management - DSM, Information Quality Management - DQM)
  • DM&G system maturity models
  • Determining the strategy and priorities for the development of the DM&G system
  • Development of DM&G system implementation program
  • DM&G, business intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Competences and education for DM&G
  • Tools to support DM&G
  • Possible ZIH support

Duration: 2 days

Work methods:

  • On site seminar
  • Seminar in ZIH in offered time

2.950 Kn + VAT


ZIH d.o.o., tel.: 01/4855-271 i 4855-273; fax: 01/4855-272, e-mail:


By sending a filled out application form.

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