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CobIT seminar


Intended for

  • Board members of a business system 
  • Directors / executives of a business sector 
  • CIOs
  • Department heads in the IT sector
  • Experts responsible for IT security / BCM 
  • Experts for ICT services 
  • Auditors of information systems 
  • Exports responsible for management of business / ICT risks 
  • Experts responsible for HRM and PM in ICT 
  • Experts that deal with management systems (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 38500) 
  • Leading users of IT


  • Identify IT as a business opportunity and business risk 
  • Introduce the course of development potential utilization of IT 
  • Recapitulate frameworks COBIT 4.1., Val IT, Risc IT  
  • Show experience in the use of COBIT in Croatia 
  • Show the structure of COBIT 5 
  • Show the fundamental principles of COBIT 5 
  • Show products (parts) and COBIT 5 
  • Show business processes of COBIT 
  • Show how to use COBIT 5 
  • Show the link between COBIT 5 and other frameworks (information security, risk management, management of ICT services, project management) 
  • Point out the further development of a Cobit 5


1. Day

Introduction to the seminar

ICT as a business opportunity and business risk 

  • Aspects of IT 
  • Business value of IT 
  • The success of IT potential utilization - national level 
  • The success of IT potential utilization - level business systems 

Development course of IT potential utilization in business systems 

  • ITIM, ITSM and IT Governance 
  • COBIT - previous development 
  • COBIT - a way of using the case study

2. Day

  • Transformation from Cobit 4.1. to COBIT 5
  • Assessing the state of IT Governance in Croatia 
  • COBIT, Val IT 
  • COBIT Risk IT
  • Integration of Cobit 4.1., Val IT and Risk IT into Cobit 5 
  • COBIT  5 framework (principles, objectives, processes), Implementation of COBIT 5

3. Day

EDM business processes of COBIT 5 

  • Business processes EDM 01 - EDM 05 

APO business processes 

  • Business processes APO 01 - APO 13 

BAI business processes 

  • Business processes BAI 01 - BAI 13 

DSS business processes 

  • Business processes DSS 01 - DSS 06 

MEA business processes 

  • Business processes MEA 01 - MEA 03 

Overview of COBIT 5 examples in Croatia
Link of COBIT 5 framework and other frameworks 
COBIT 5 and information security (ISO 27001) 
COBIT 5 and ICT services (ISO 20000) 
Cobit 5 and project management 
Cobit 5 and ISO 38500

Work methods

  • The seminar lasts 3 days
  • Theoretical and practical work with exercises


Everybody receives a participation certificate.


Prof. dr. sc. Zdravko Krakar 


3.450,00 kn + VAT

The price includes: a collection of slides and work materials for the lecture, a participation certificate, lunch and refreshments during breaks.

The listed price is for the opened type seminar.

For the closed type seminar (for one company) the price depends on the number of people.

ZIH d.o.o., tel: 01/4855-271, 4855-273; fax: 01/4855-272; e-mail: 


By sending a filled out application form

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