isorobot- business improvement tool

ZIH je certificirani partner Excelledia-e za softversko rješenje isorobot, koje vam može pomoći u učinkovitijem upravljanju Vašim menadžment sustavima i poslovanjem te uštediti Vaše vrijeme i novac! Što je isorobot? Isorobot je proizvod Excelledia-e., futuristički sustav upravljanja poduzećem, softverski alat koji omogućava organizacijama da učinkovito upravljaju svojim poslovanjem omogućavanjem naprednih opcija upravljanja poslovanjem sa svojim […]

Incident management, disaster recovery

What are incidents? Incidents are unplanned events of any kind that disrupt or impair the quality of service or threaten to do so. There are almost no organizations that haven’t encountered any kind of incident. In order to eliminate and continue operations as easily as possible, organizations must implement an incident management process that includes rules […]

Cyber security management

What is cybersecurity? Cyber security concerns the protection of systems, networks and SW against digital attacks aimed at accessing, altering or destroying sensitive information, extorting money from users or disrupting normal business processes. One of the safeguards against cyber attacks is the application of cyber security controls. Cybersecurity is a system of organisational and technical activities […]

Business continuity management

What are crisis situations? Due to the increasing challenges faced by organisations, in order to make business easier and more controlled, it is necessary to prepare for an effective response to crisis situations. Crisis situations are unforeseeable, often with negative impact and can damage business. But we can also prepare for crises by responding in […]

Information security systems management

What is management of information security systems? Today, as well as time, information is the most important resource of any business system, and often its key assets whose loss can lead to business ceases. They appear in various forms: written documents, IT databases, images, diagrams, business rules, etc. Information assets are not always clearly identifiable and […]

Information security risk management

What is information security risk management? Information security risk management is a set of coordinated activities by which the company is directed and controlled in order to conduct an effective assessment and resolution of information security risks over time. Information has become the most important currency of today and is the fundamental drive of every business […]

Corporate information security

What is corporate information security? Information security is a “moving target”, an area that is constantly and rapidly changing. Today, systems based on the application of ISO/IEC 270 xx series standards are on the scene. (ISMS systems) However, practice requires their gradual transformation according to the concept of so-called Information Security Governance. The derivative corporate […]

Alignment with the EU regulation 2016/1148, the law and the regulation on cyber security

What is cybersecurity? As more and more organisations are now focusing on digital business, the amount of data generated and exchanged between organisations is growing rapidly and organisations have become the target of cyber attacks. One of the safeguards against cyber attacks is the application of cyber security controls. Cyber security is a system of organisational […]