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ISO/IEC 12207 - Software life cycle processes


Intended for

  • Directors / managers of ICT functions 
  • Individuals on the user side that define requirements for ICT products / services 
  • Directors / managers of sector for the IS development
  • Leaders of ICT projects 
  • IS designers
  • Developers
  • Specialists for ICT solution evaluation  (validation and verification and testing) 
  • ICT quality auditors


  • Show the connection between quality in IT and norms
  • Warn that the weakest part of IT is software
  • Identify major efforts to improve the situation in the area of software / position of the ISO / IEC 12207 norm
  • Show the purpose, goals and structure of ISO / IEC 12207 
  • Present application practice of ISO / IEC 12207 
  • Show the connection of ISO / IEC 12207 with other areas in the area of software


  • TC1. Quality and IT / Role of norms / Case analysis
  • TC2. SW – weakest part of IT / Routes of solving software crises / ISO/IEC 12207 norm framework
  • TC3. ISO 12207 and Planning and measuring quality of software / Case analysis
  • TC4. ISO 12207 and Validation, verification and testing of software / Case analysis
  • TC5. ISO 12207 and Maturity models / Case analysis
  • TC6. ISO/IEC 12207+ 15288 – How to use them / System life cycle / Case analysis

Work methods

  • The seminar lasts 1 day
  • Presentations, exercieses, practical work with practical solutions


All attendants receive a participation certificate.

Lecturer Zdravko Krakar


ZIH d.o.o., tel.: 01/4855-271, 4855-273; fax: 01/4855-272; e-mail:


1.250 kn + VAT

The price includes: a collection of slides and work materials for the seminar and exercises, participation certificate, lunch and refreshments during breaks.


ZIH d.o.o., tel: 01/4855-271, 4855-273; fax: 01/4855-272; e-mail:


By sending a filled out application form.

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